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No! Sleep! Till Brooklyn!

Being back in New York makes me feel 21 and in love with life. No place can match its manic energy! And when I'm here, my own manic energy returns. The worn-out mother of a 6-month-old and a 4-year old can do 18 back-to-back radio interviews and still have a smile on her face--this picture was taken in the sound studio at Penguin Random House on Tuesday. It was a great day! Radio hosts from all over the country--many of whom had taken the time to read the book, even for a 15-minute interview!--had such fun and thoughtful questions that five hours passed quickly. And the team at Penguin--thanks, Casey Maloney and Heather Mill!--were so organized that it all went like clockwork. I will admit I went for a glass of wine when it was all over, though--anyone who has an adrenaline crash like that needs all the help she can get!

Tonight I'm reading at Brooklyn Book Court, and hope to see you there!

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