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Farrow & Ball Bore

Since we bought our house, I have developed an intolerable interest in decor. No detail is too small. I don’t dare join Pinterest for fear of falling down an internet rabbit hole and never finding my way out again. I recently spent an hour geeking out in Farrow and Ball. (Want to see my swatches? I'm going to show you anyway.)

Here is a little quiz to see if you have spent too much time looking at paint samples:

Cornforth is

A. a food additive

B. the surname of a congressman from Kansas

C. a grayish white that changes color depending on the light, from a soft violet, to a deeper slate color and back again

Downpipe is

A. something to call the plumber about

B. another word for esophagus

C. a dramatic deep gray color that men see as more green and women find more blue

Elephant’s Breath is

A. what your partner has in the morning

B. a song by Paul Simon

C. a warm taupe that everyone likes—even people who only like gray

Donkey Puke is

A. a sign you maybe ate too much donkey

B. a reason to call the vet

C. the only one of the above that is not on the Farrow & Ball color wheel

If you answered “C” to any or all of the above, will you please come sit next to me? Because I’m boring my other friends’ socks off.

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